Monday, 14 March 2016

Eight Months

Wow. I didn't mean to go an entire month without posting, but in fairness, February was a short month. At eight months, it feels like we're hitting our stride and have fallen into a good routine. Our week looks something like this:

Monday: My late night at work. I drop Kate off at day care at 7:30 AM and I'm home around 7:00 PM just in time to put her to bed. Dinner is reheated leftovers from Sunday's meal.

Tuesday: After she demonstrated her planking abilities, I started taking Kate to Baby Yoga. I was hoping there would be some 'Mommy Yoga' in this class, but it's mostly working babies through a few poses and there's a lot of sitting around in a circle singing songs. My younger self vowed that she would never participate in a Mommy and Me singing play group, but I have to admit that I think the class is good for Kate. The instructor is very energetic and she explains the benefits to each activity. She teaches some baby signing, brings in music and leads purposeful play. Plus, it's reasonably priced at $10 for a drop in class or $25 for three classes. I use the excuse that I have a horrible singing voice (which is accurate) to evade singing any of the songs in class. I'm somewhat being true to my younger self. After yoga, we'll meet Husband at the gym. Kate will usually sleep through the first part of the WOD, then we'll tag team baby care and doing our workout. It's the epitome of teamwork parenting. While Kate takes her afternoon nap (hopefully) I'll work on meal prep for the rest of the week. Mixing dry ingredients, cutting up chicken and freezing it in pieces, I look for any shortcuts to make preparing a healthy meal quicker. As much as I love having a day off, I try to get so much done that I feel exhausted at the end of the day and I return to work feeling more tired, but I am not complaining.

Wednesday; Regular work day. Wednesday is also the night to put our garbage and recycling bins in front of the house. I'm not sure why this activity is so time consuming.

Thursday: Another regular work day and my gym night. Home in time to put Kate to bed.

Friday: My early morning. I've started to appreciate that it's been getting lighter during my drive. Now that will change again after Day Light Savings.

Saturday; Baby sign class, then take Kate for a jog in the running stroller. Clean the bathrooms when I get home.

Sunday: Another gym day for me, sometimes Husband and Kate will join. After the gym, we hit the Farmer's Market and Tar.get. I mention this because the market is right in front of Tar.get. There are many signs indicating that there is no Farmer's Market parking in the Tar.get garage. I argue that if I shop at Tar.get [in addition to going to the market] I am legally parking. Plus, I see many other people using the Tar.get parking lot while shopping at the market. Once we make it home, I do my lunch prep for the week and make dinner.

At times it feels that most of my week is consumed with work, followed by planning meals for the upcoming week, shopping for food and preparing to cook. Please note, not every week is like this. For instance, this past weekend Husband was away both days for a hockey tournament, on Tuesday I had to take Kate to the doctors, Thursday I had to teach a class after work, and on Sunday morning I was too exhausted to work out after being up multiple times with Kate during the night. Boom. I haven't been to the gym in 10 days. I'm learning to get over it. Any week that I get to be Kate's mother is a good week.

Stats: 18 lbs 5 oz 27 inches

Teeth: Nope. Still None. I've accepted that she's never going to get any teeth. Nor hair. My baby will forever be toothless and bald, but we'll still love her. Next.

Feeding: My Australian friend Kylie shared with me that her milk supply suddenly dried up around seven months, so I was wary of approaching a seven month drought.  In the hay day of my over supply, I could pump 6-7 ounces per session, a few times hitting a PB of 8 ounces. When I went back to work, the milk slowed a bit, but I could still pump 5-6 ounces on a regular basis. Earlier this month, I had a day where I could only produce 4 ounces per session. I tried not to panic, but three days later, I was struggling to get 4 ounces. This also coincided with our decision to increase her bottles up to 6 ounces. I went to my usual routine to promote milk production; 5 cups of Mother's Milk tea per day, Power.ade, a beer (or two), lots of water and a box of oatmeal raisin cookies. This only yielded a modest increase, it was time to be more proactive. I went to a health food shop and purchased some Fenu.greek. It didn't really work, as I was still just barely getting four ounces and apparently, if it is effective, it makes your urine smell like maple syrup, which never happened.

I consulted Kelly.Mom for some advice; try adding an extra pumping session. I had been getting up every 3.5 to 4 hours at night to pump, but to fit in an extra session, I started getting up every three hours. I was able to accumulate more milk, but still wasn't producing a higher volume. Maybe I needed a new pump, as I channeled my inner Tim the Tool Man Taylor. More Power! [insert grunting noises] As I didn't go through my insurance to purchase my current pump, I decided to use my benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act, to acquire a hospital grade pump. The new hospital grade More Power! pump required a longer period of time to produce less milk than my Med.ela Pump in Style Advance.

Then, while pumping on a busy Friday morning at work, I produced 7 ounces. My next two pumping sessions each yielded 5 ounces. Bessie was back! For how long -who knows? While I was pregnant, I had promised myself that I would pressure my breasts into feeding for X amount of time, but when things were going well, it seemed reasonable to set short term goals. 3 months. 6 months. 9 months. Ideally, I'd like to get as close as I can to the one year mark, but I have to ask myself at times; do I really feel it is necessary to make it to one year, or do I just like the sounds of saying that I made it to one year? If we were to start using formula, she'd be just fine. We actually have 5 or 6 cans that my aunt gave us, so it would cost anything to use. Maybe I just like working towards a goal; or I'm not ready to give up just yet. I know I don't want to breastfeed beyond a year, and I'm not sure how to wean Kate from the breast. I want to make sure I stop before she can ask for the breast, or undo my shirt. One of my patients described that at nine months, "my son fired me". He just lost interest one day. I would appreciate it if Kate were to decide for herself when to stop breastfeeding. My current plan is to continue to push through March and April to pump as much as I can, if we're able to keep adding to our freezer stash, then I can ease up a bit in May. I'm planning to do a Whole 30 Challenge in June, and whatever happens to my milk supply during that time, is what happens. Yet, I have to admit that as anxious as I am to be finished with breastfeeding. I will miss it.

Sleep: We had to accept that her sleep would struggle while she was recovering from her ear infection, which seemed to be followed by a cold. Yet, even after she was feeling better, she would still wake up about three times per night. Sometimes as frequently as every two hours. Our slumber would be interrupted by a cry so gentle, it could be mistaken for a cat's meow. While hoping that the cries would quietly extinguish, husband and I would have to acknowledge that she was getting louder and more urgent. "What do you want to do?" he always asks me. I hate being asked that question, because what I want to do (go back to sleep) isn't an option for me. It's the dilemma that I face. Am I a horrible mother because I am letting my hungry baby cry? or am I a horrible mother as I'm only nursing my baby for comfort and habit. I'm guilty of the latter, because selfishly, it means I can go back to sleep sooner. Husband hypothosized that if we fed her more during the day, she shouldn't be so hungry at night. We increased her milk volume to 6 ounces per bottle and the first night, she only woke up once. Then she slept through the night three nights in a row. We thought we were so smart. but lately she's been waking up once a night again. I'm considering starting a planned dream feed to see if this eliminates her from waking on her own. If so, then I can work on cutting out the dream feed. She's also been waking a bit earlier around 5 AM. A few times, we've brought her to bed with us and she's fallen back to sleep. I'm trying to be very careful with this, as I don't want to invite a co-sleeping situation. It will be fun to see how she handles the Dayling Savings time change.

Milestones: One day she was sitting on her playmat and she reached her arms out to me. I held her hands and she proceeded to pull her self up to a stand and take two steps. Holy shit. We'll have a walker before we know it. We were not so impressed with early achievement of this skill when she pulls herself to a stand in her crib.

Her language seems to be on track. She's making "Ba-ba" and Da-da" sounds. Although, I don't think she connects that Husband is Da-da. The other morning, I made the banana sign, and was greeted with a big smile. I'm probably over-interpreting her reaction.

Likes: Now that she can pull herself to a stand, she wants to stand ALL.THE.TIME. She'll pull her self up on anything. The sofa. The drying rack. She'll even approach other parents at Baby Sign class and will try to enlist their help. She'll find anyway to stand up, even by pushing off her Activity Cube. The benefit is that she can play with the cube switched off. Seriously, the cube has to win the award for most annoying toy. The bird in the circle, sings a song that's wonderful. Tweet!Tweet!Tweet! The bird in the circle!

Apparently, she has a friend a Day Care. The baby with whom she spends most of her time is a boy named Grayson who is turning a year old this month. Husband is already keen to check out this boy and inquire about his intentions with our daughter.

Dislikes: The Pack and Play (aka 'Baby Jail'). We'll place her it in when we need to get something done, and she'll happily play for about 15, maybe 20 miutes before she's had enough and wants out.

Diapering: Oh, the Cone of Shame was a huge fail. It didn't stop her from rolling around, but it was helpful to keep her hands from getting messy. Until she figured out how to separate the velcroed pieces. Now it's just an expensive extra changing pad. I feel compelled to admit that we use a diaper service for our cloth diapers. It was the only way I could get Husband on board as he refused to wash the diapers. Plus, I know some make the argument that while cloth diapers aren't adding to the landfill, they do use more energy for washing. The people at our diaper service claim that because they are using industrial sized and strength washing machines, it takes the same amount of water for one toilet flush to clean a week's worth of diapers for one family. We're also under strict water restrictions because of the drought. Additionally, I feel that I'm helping to sustain cloth diapering by giving this service our business. Their staff was also super helpful when Kate has some skin breakdown issues in the beginning.

I recently met a mom who is so hard core about cloth diapering that she cleans her own diapers, uses them at night, and even used them while travelling. I could tell she didn't think I was a real cloth diapering mom, but I don't really care. We use disposables at night as they are just so absorbent. I swear the diaper must weigh close to a pound by the time we change her in the morning. So far, no leaks. We're still in size 3. Tar.get recently had a coupon $10 off if you spend more than $50 in diapers and they were running a promotion that if you bought (2) 124 count boxes, you would earn a $10 gift card. Boom! $20 in savings.  I hope we stay in this size for a while.
Clothes: Her wardrobe has been rather monotonous as I didn't want to buy any more 6 month sized pieces. She's still not quite big enough for the 9 month size, but her 6 month jammies no longer fit. Her pants have become capri lengths.

Health Issues: She recovered quite quickly from her ear infections as soon as we started her on antibiotics. Husband was concerned as she had a persistent cough, so we took her in to see her pediatrician. He reminded us that we are in cold and flu season, and for a day care baby, Kate was doing really well to escape with just two colds and an ear infection. For the record, I had said the same thing.

Looking forward to: My parents are coming for a visit! Kate's Day Care closes for a week in April. Husband has a work project that week, and two of my colleagues are also off that week, so my parents are going to be called upon for baby sitting. They are only staying for one week, and we both have unrealistic expectations for their visit. Husband wants my Dad to help with some DIY projects and I'm hoping my Mom and I can make some meals to freeze. I don't think my parents are going to want to do much beyond playing with Kate.


  1. She is so cute!! Love the picture of her standing in the crib, obviously not what you are wanting though I'm sure. haha I almost can't wait to see my smiley boy doing that just because it looks so darn cute! I didn't think about a daycare closing, I may have to ask if ours does that also.

  2. Aww so cute! My baby was bald too, I loved it! Now I have to deal with really washing her hair (she hates it!) and keeping it out of her eyes etc.

    I used to feel the same way as you - Am I bad for nursing her back to sleep or letting her cry if she's really hungry? In the end, I started giving her milk out of a cup at night. If she was really hungry, she'd drink it that way. Only took about a week for her to decide the cup wasn't worth waking up for.

    I can totally relate to feeling like all your time is spent on meal prep etc. I feel like I spend way too much time looking for recipes too.

  3. When my milk production dropped, I started taking More Milk Special Blend "Motherlove" capsules (recommended by a lactation consultant, found on Amazon) and they were great. Highly recommended to boost supply. As you know, Izzy went on a nursing strike around 7.5 months and I wasn't going to be an EP at that time so I gave up. She is doing just fine after a few months of frozen BM and then formula before we switched her over to milk.

    We also did a cloth diapering service. There is no way that I could have kept up with the laundry as a working mother! Don't feel bad- you are keeping TONS of disposables out of the landfill.

    Kate looks so proud of herself standing up! Adorable!

  4. I'm already fearing my return to work in a few weeks, as I know a ton of my "down time" is going to be spent doing meal prep and planning. Thank goodness for my slow cooker! And BBQing is fast in the summer. I'm still on the wait list for hair for my baby as well. We can start a baldy convention. I have no idea how you get to work out so much. I don't have time to do it NOW and I'm still at home. But my baby doesn't nap. You're my hero.

  5. Kate sounds so awesome! And you sound very organized. Meal prep is time consiminh for everyone. There are weeks when we rely rather a lot on ready made meals from the supermarket.

  6. "Any week that I get to be Kate's mother is a good week." I love this. At the same time, I will admit that the lack of "buffer" for anything to go wrong is what I find the hardest in this working mom gig. One virus, and my plans for the week are destroyed.
    I do the nursing-back-to-sleep, too, for much the same reasons. SB has shown no interest in stopping to nurse, especially at night (and even more so when or after being sick). Gypsy Mama's suggestion sounds interesting.

  7. 8 months of breastfeeding is a HUGE accomplishment, don't let yourself forget it! The fenugreek worked wonders for my supply... for approximately one week. Then it was back to business as usual.

    She's adorable, btw :)

  8. What a great update! So much happening in your busy lives. Love that Kate has a boyfriend at daycare and love that your new work schedule is going well! Great job with the breast feeding too. Something I"m so nervous about.

  9. I had to laugh about the recycling and trash taking so much time comment. I couldn't agree more! Our pick up just switched from Monday AM to a mid-week day and it has thrown us for a loop (you want us to put out trash on a WEEKNIGHT?). Anyway, Kate seems to be thriving and she is darling. Great update!