Thursday 31 December 2020

Right Now December 31, 2020

Currently, I am...

Reading: I downloaded a parenting book on my kindle after I was alarmed about Kate’s bratty behavior. Apparently the answer is for husband and me to model good behavior all the time, so we’re all kind of fucked. I ordered some books on dealing with a picky eater from our local bookstore as my New Year’s resolution is going to be to improve Kate’s eating behaviors in the new year. 


Watching: MSNBC news shows, but I’ve been trying to discover some new shows. I subscribed to Netflix this summer so I could watch The Babysitter’s Club (which was awesome) and I forgot to cancel my membership. As I noticed that I wrote about This is Us in my last Right Now post, I feel that I should comment on this season. I really like they way they included the current events of this year, but OMG that pregnant chick is totally scamming Toby and Kate. There is no way someone her age has the Ghostbusters song as a ring tone or would even name her daughter after a Buffy character (I’m dubious that she even has a daughter). Her entire story of being widowed by her high school sweetheart and then getting knocked up after a one night stand seems a little too scripted while her tale of why she doesn’t like the name Chloe sounded fabricated. I see her suddenly needing money in the next episodes and then skipping town. 


Listening: I am the last person in the world who has discovered Podcasts. I became addicted during the run up to the election. The Lincoln Project has featured great dialogues and some amazing guests, but I tune into The New Abnormal exclusively for their closing Fuck That Guy segment. I’ve also subscribed to Janet Lansbury’s parenting podcast, I somewhat find that the podcasts are easier to digest than books and as I’m listening to them in smaller chunks while I am driving to the gym or to work, it grants less time to feel guilty about everything I’m doing wrong as a parent. 


Drinking: Coke Zero. I’ve been back to my old vice. I bought a twelve pack during the Shelter in Place order as I thought I’d allow us a little indulgence in what I thought was going to be a two week thing. We all know how that went. Once we can go out without masks, I’ll stop buying Coke Zero. 


Eating: Paleo turkey bites. I made a double batch to use up some leftover produce I had on hand after our Christmas dinner. I only had to work half a day, but ended up working through lunch so I’m starved.


Loving: Curbside pick up service. I am tying on a new keyboard after my old one finally died. I had Husband help me find the correct one on the Best Buy website, ordered it, drove to their parking lot and someone placed it in the boot of my car. We so can continue this after the pandemic. 


Anticipating: An attempted coup and possible civil war. Do you remember the scene in the original Austin Powers when Dr Evil finally catches Austin and Vanessa and announces his plan to have them be eaten by ill tempered mutated sea bass? When Dr Evil’s son Scott asks if his father is going to watch the demise of his nemesis, Dr Evil responds, “No, I’m going to place them in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death and assume everything went according to plan.” That’s what this election has felt like. It would be too democratic to allow the popular vote to prevail, so we went through the process of counting the results for each state, then waiting an extra month to make it official with the Electoral College, which needs to be certified by a Congress that is planning to contest the results. I’ve heard some people say ‘Oh, it’s never going to happen’ but it’s fucking scary how close we’re coming to it and it’s alarming how fragile our safeguards are. 


Hoping: There are better days ahead


Worrying: About hospitals and healthcare providers. I worry about the exhaustion of all the first line workers who are persevering on an unsustainable pace. I worry about shortages of staff, medications, PPE and morgue space. I worry that the vaccine distribution is going too slow and too many people are going to decline the vaccine. I worry that things are going to get much worse. 


Preparing: Lectures! Last year my gym bestie moved to Southern California to take a teaching position at a University and it motivated me to look into some teaching opportunities myself. As this year has been rather monotonous, I’ve been craving some extra intellectual stimulation. A local PA program asked me if I would precept a student and I inquired about joining their faculty. I’m going to start giving some guest lectures and hopefully teach the women’s health course next fall. 


Feeling: Just fine. I received the (Moderna) Coronavirus vaccine two days ago. My arm was a bit sore the next day (similar to the Tdap shot) but otherwise no ill effects. 


Finishing: I just put away our Christmas decorations. Now to complete thank you notes with Kate. 


Celebrating: In turns out New Year’s Eve celebration during a pandemic is just like our NYE during a non-pandemic. We’re staying in and ordering take-out. Kate is determined to have a party with just the three of us. She made banners, created a concoction of melted chocolate chips and raspberries and is now microwaving sausage patties and putting frozen waffles into the toaster. A perfect ending to a not-so-perfect year. 


Happy New Year!