First Trimester Bump

4 Weeks
The morning after the BFP...

 5 Weeks
For the record, I am facing toward the left... the other bump is my ass...

6 Weeks

7 Weeks
Thanksgiving Over-indulgance

8 Weeks
I really need to clean the spots off the mirror...

9 Weeks
Oh yeah, Kim Kardashian wishes she had this ass...

10 Weeks
Not going to lie...starting to suck it in...

11 Weeks

12 Weeks
Change of venue to the Master Bathroom
Much more flattering light...

13 Weeks


  1. You look fantastic! So athletic and fit.

  2. Ha ha! Not going to lie, there isn't much going on except for a flat tummy and round booty. (I've known you long enough on here that I can say that without sounding creepy, right?)

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