Second Trimester Bump

14 Weeks
Not yet a bump, but looking bumpy

15 Weeks
Bump -ish?

16 Weeks
Not much difference. 

17 Weeks
Bumping Out

18 Weeks
Total weight gain = 6 lbs

19 Weeks
Woah, starting to look really pregnant...

20 Weeks
The Official Half Way Point

21 Weeks
Happy (first) 21st Birthday Jate!

22 Weeks
I finally put away my flip flops :)

23 Weeks

and the flip-flops are back!

24 Weeks
Viability Bay-bee!

25 Weeks

26 Weeks


  1. Looking great!! There is a little tiny thing there. You look so cute!

  2. There it is! Definitely not a big bump yet, but baby Jate is beginning to show :)

  3. You cannot imagine how happy I am for you! You look wonderful! Woo-hoo!! All I keep thinking is that beyond the joy, you must feel so validated. You did it your way.

  4. Looking good lady!! Pretty soon you everyone else will be able to tell that you have a bump. :-)

  5. You still barely look pregnant! Cute bump :)

  6. That's such a cute bump at 25 weeks!!! Looking so much nicer than my Pregnant Coworker. ;)

  7. You look fantastic!!! I'm pretty sure I look like your 23 weeks at only 9 weeks. Too many carbs maybe?!

  8. Yay! There's that little bump! You look fantastic!

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