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Boardwalk Empire is an acclaimed HBO series set in Atlantic City during the Prohibition era in the 1920. This scene from the second season provided the inspiration for the blog's title.

It had been a bruising day for Margaret Schroeder. The Irish immigrant had travelled to Brooklyn in an effort to reconnect with her estranged family. Over a decade ago, when they were still in Ireland, Margaret became pregnant out of wedlock. Fearing that she would be sent to a convent, Margaret stole the money that her parents had set aside for her older brother's passage to America and crossed the Atlantic by herself. It was not the reunion she had anticipated. Her younger sisters barely remembered her and her brother still harboured a strong resentment. He refused to accept her attempt to repay her debt and abruptly informed her that they no longer considered her family. Dejected, Margaret returned to Atlantic City and to her house, which was nearly empty. Moments before she walked though the door, Owen Sleater was finishing washing blood off his hands. A fellow countryman, he worked for Margaret's husband as a bodyguard/hit man. Earlier that afternoon he had garotted a man who was a traitor to the Irish Republic Army. Dashingly handsome, he was cheekily forward and flirtatious with Margaret, who had recently admitted in confession that she was having impure thoughts about him. Always the gentleman, he offered to carry her bags for her. She initially refused, but relented as he politely persisted.

"Do you find it odd here?" He asked her, revealing thoughts of feeling lost in a strange new country.
"Is that how you feel?" She enquired.
"Aye, summer days" He replied with a dismissive laugh, but then turned a serious face, "and life passing by.."
"Then you should be on the beach with Katie." She chastised, while bring up his affair with her maid. She walked past him toward the stairs, refusing to let her eyes meet his.
"I thought you wanted me after Mr Thompson." He accused, whilst returning the mention of her husband.
"In either case, you shouldn't be here." She said through gritted teeth.
"I'll go, if you tell me to.." He countered.
"Are you mine to command?" She asked earnestly.
"If you'd like." He obediently replied.
"You can bring the bag upstairs." She instructed with an icy tone.

He followed her up the stairs with a bit of a bewildered look in his eyes. She was unpinning her hair and removing her jewelry when he arrived in her room.
"After we're done, you will leave." She requested, "and never speak a word of it. Ever."
"Aye, it's all between strangers, anyway." He reassured her while leaning in to place a gentle kiss on her lips. He lifted his head up and looked into her eyes. Her hands reached for his face and her mouth quickly found his. As they kissed, he began to undo his buttons -so many clothes to remove in 1920! Without haste, they made their way to her bed, pausing for her to hike up her skirts. She cried out expressing her pleasure as he entered her.

If only fertility could be as easy and honest as their seduction...

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