Sunday 31 March 2013

AF is my new BFF

I honestly had no idea when AF was going to show up. I bled for nearly ten days after my hysteroscopy, some of which was attributed to stopping my birth control pills. Ideally, I would have been started on Estradiol to help build my uterine lining, but my blood pressure precluded me from doing so. Oral contraceptives had previously suppressed my ovaries and delayed their return to ovulation. I decided not to use my Clear Blue Easy monitor, as I suspected it would give an inaccurate reading. This was going to be a lesson in patience...

It's hard to be deliberately oblivious. Just days after my bleeding tapered off, I had some thick goobs of mucus. I knew not to get excited; fool me once cervical mucus -shame on you, fool me twice -shame on me. My weight crept up three pounds above by baseline, despite controlling my caloric intake and doing a few extra swim workouts plus increasing my long run to 8 miles. Could it be bloating associated with my luteal phase? My face was breaking out despite using the products recommended at my last facial -was endogenous progesterone to blame?

I was rummaging through my desk at work and a came across a button my medical assistant had given me. It features a picture of a uterus with the message "In Uteruo We Trust". She found it on cafe and thought it would appeal to the Gyn and athiest in me. I paused for a moment after reading it. It was time to relent and accept that AF would arrive when my uterus was ready to proceed. I would stop trying to analyze symptoms. I am getting fat and I have adult acne. I would not be checking my progesterone level. I even stopped staring at the toilet paper.

Actually, I started wishing for a later arrival. I figured more time would allow my blood pressure to get sorted. My readings had been normal, so I stopped my Labetalol for over a week, but the numbers were creeping up, so I had to restart my meds. I felt I needed to get rid of the excess weight before a possible pregnancy.  I wanted to clear the Easter holiday and my remaining swim meets to avoid any scheduling conflicts. And then she arrived -exactly four weeks after my hysteroscopy.

For the first time since I can remember, I had bad cramping and my bleeding was a bit heavier -I had to upgrade to regular absorbency tampons. So far, not impressed with my septum free uterus. Also annoying; I had a swim meet on my CD2, the day I needed to have my baseline ultrasound. I considered bailing on my meet, but thought better of it. Life rolls on. Fortunately, my events were scheduled at the beginning and the end of the meet. I swam my 100 Free (equalled my best time in practice, so a little disappointing) but had to leave before the 50 Fly. I made it to my appointment on time with my wet hair and goggle marks. Ovaries look "quiet", so we're good to go! I trekked back over the Bay Bridge just in time for the last two events of the meet. I swam a personal best in my 50 Free and turned in a decent time for a sloppy 100 IM.

Oh, as I was checking in with my phone during my travels (not while I was driving, of course!) I saw that Co-worker debuted the news about her twins on Facebook and I received an email blast from another friend announcing her pregnancy. Sigh. Head down, focus on your own lane. Just keep swimming... 


  1. Sorry about the pregnancy announcement. But, congrats on the great swim meet. I think it's great your body cooperated and you weren't effected by the BCP's this time. Seems like a good start to me. Let's get this IUI show on the road!

  2. Focus on your own lane. Good metaphor! I should try that!

  3. Yay for a visit from AF!! It's crazy. Just when you expect to be waiting awhile longer and plan to focus on other things, your body tells you it's time to go instead.