Tuesday, 8 September 2015

2015 Challege: Completed!

It look just over seven months, and required a lot of help from my Dad, but our garage is finished!

His first task was painting the garage doors, which had to be done within 30 days per our HOA regulations. It also had to match the original colour.

Next he installed a new exterior door. The blinds are actually built into the window. My mother painted the door. It needs to be re-done.

When we moved into our house, we decided to remove the plantation shutters that covered the sliding glass doors in the living room, as they were so big and bulky and occupied so much space. They've been stored in our garage, but we decided to repurpose them to cover the furnace and hot water heater, while providing ventilation. 

There was quite a bit of discussion and debate as to how to set up the hanging racks. We painted boards and fixed to the wall before installing a hanging system that will hopefully hold up during an earthquake.

Finally, we are able to keep both cars in the garage. My first trip out with Jate, I was so nervous that I forgot to open the garage door before I started backing the car out and I put a minor dent in the door. So far, Husband hasn't noticed. Shhh! don't tell! 


  1. The garage looks great! Lol at the dent in the garage....hopefully you don't make that mistake again. :-)

  2. Wonderful! looks awesome. I remember those first early nervous drives - a little dent in the garage is no big deal!

  3. The house looks wonderful! I am so impressed with all you've been able to do. Sounds like you're rockin' it, Mama! It's never going to be perfect. You're doing great!

  4. Very nice job! I can't believe you backed into the garage door, ha ha! Mom brain!

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  6. Wow! these are some great ideas for garage modifications. I never thought that hanging or suspending stuff from the wall really saves a lot of space. However, I am not too sure about hanging large objects that can eventually destroy my car or other vehicles in case they fall. Perhaps, some tips to ensure the safety of hanging racks will be appreciated.

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  7. The garage looks great and I am sure the process took a lot of work. This inspired me to renovate our garage and in the process make my wife happy as she has been asking me to fix it since we moved in several months back. Thanks for a great blog keep up the hard work. Thanks all the best.

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