Thursday, 21 September 2017

Right Now - September 2017

I've been struggling to get through 1984. It's really hard to get into it, but everyone says once you really get into the thick of it, you can't put it down. I'm starting to understand why my professor only had us read excerpts from it. I picked up Al Franken's Giant of the Senate to read while I was on jury duty, but I was dismissed early and didn't get passed the first few chapters. I purchased Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl. I'm really going to try hard to read it by the end of the year.

I'm binge watching How I Met Your Mother (currently on season 3). It came up as a NetFlix suggestion and I remembered how much I enjoyed this show. It was really good, although it stayed on too long and should have been wrapped up a year or two earlier. I'm trying to determine when it jumped the shark.

I'm still rocking along to my I heart 80s station. Every Sunday morning they replay Casey Kasem's American Top 40. It's like travelling back in time and reliving history. Last week an upcoming band from New Jersey made their debut on the chart. Casey thought they might hit it big. Spoiler Alert: They did. It was Jon Bon Jovi

I'm trying not to drink my calories, so I'm not drinking much alcohol or anything else that has superfilous calories. I struggle drinking plain water, but I need to be careful with Vitimin Water or Bai Antioxidant infusion water as they each have 5 carb grams per serving.  Unfortunately, Coke Zero (Now Coke Sugar Free) has zero calories and zeros carbs, so I've been drinking more of it after I successfully kicked my habit. I still follow the rule that I won't buy a 12 pack to keep at the house, but I'll occasionally purchase a 20 oz bottle. I'm trying to let the fact that it's such a rip off to buy that size discourage me.

Whatever I want as long as it falls within 105 carb grams, 61 fat grams and 120 protein grams and 1485 calories. I started working with a nutritional consultant at our gym to track my macronutrients. I've become one of those people who logs everything thing I eat into the My Fitness Pal app and carries around a mini food scale. It's been working as I've lost 7 pounds in just under 3 months.

Padded bras. Of course, I'm wearning more than that at the moment, I was speaking in general you perv! Sheesh! So I mentioned that I've lost a bit of weight. Yeah, it was all from my boobs. I look in the mirror and see an ironing board as my reflection. I've regained my teenage angst and insecurity about my chest size. I hadn't gotten around to googling boob jobs yet before I saw on my Moms who CrossFit Facebook page that some women who had breast augmentation reported that they couldn't do pull ups after their surgery. I realised that I've worked too hard to be able to do pull-ups to lose them when I can wonderbra it. So I subcommed to stuffing.

My padded bras. LOL, just kidding. No seriously. I am loving Kate at this stage. Her vocabulary is exploding and she's developing into such a sweet and smart little girl. I'm trying to savor these moments and recall them for when she is a pain-in-the-ass teenager.

Our trip to the East Coast to visit my parents. I'm looking forward to taking Kate to the beach, we're going to the Zoo and we're meeting up with Myrtle.

That Kate sleeps through the night tonight.

I haven't been watching the news much this week due to my binge watching HIMYM. Shameful, I know...

How Kate is going to be on our up coming flight. We have a lay over. I've been working on packing snacks and games to sustain us. I'm also bringing my portable DVD player and I borrowed a copy of Mamma Mia!

To be better about sharing Kate photos with my in-laws. I recently sent them some of her art work from Day Care which they really appreciated.

About how much is getting fucked up by the Trump administration behind the scenes.

Planning: What to pack for my trip. Specifically, what to wear to try to make Myrtle jealous of my weight loss.

Contemplating: Accepting a position to be clinical site lead at my job. More on that later.


  1. I loved How I met your mother! Although I wasn't really happy with how it ended. Don't want to give away any spoilers though! Mamma Mia is a fun film. Perfect for a flight.

  2. Ohhhh, Casey Kasem! Love that you are listening to that. Good for you for tracking your macronutrients!! That is truly the best way to go about it. And congrats on your weight loss! I am a bit surprised that the nutritionist is having you on such a low calorie count though. For someone as active as you are, 1485 isn't nearly enough calories to sustain your lean muscle. I'm afraid your weight loss will turn into losing lean mass instead of fat mass. I hope that your gym offers body fat testing to monitor this? Not to be a downer, but between swimming and Crossfit, you definitely need more caloric intake (and you'll still lose weight). I hope you have a wonderful trip back East! I can't wait to hear more Myrtle stories! lol

  3. We need more Myrtle stories! And I just got a blast from the past with Casey Kasem! Have a great trip and congrats on the weight loss!

  4. HIMYM! Adore that show and hope you continue to enjoy. It's definitely a better choice than the news these days. Have a great trip!

  5. 1984 was a dark and incredible read 15 years ago... Now that this orange despot is in power, it's a must-read!! Keep going!

    Lauren (@OnFecundThought)