Monday, 30 January 2017

A Day in the Life Winter 2017

0104 Woken by the downpour of rain.
0107 Husband gets up; he turns the light on in the bathroom to take the world's longest pee.
0110 This wakes up Tyler, who has been sleeping by my side.
0145 Woken up by the sound of Tyler batting is paws on the shutters in the living room. [we have plantation shutters throughout our house] Tyler has always been a nocturnal cat with annoying behaviors. It used to be banging our bathroom cabinets (we baby proofed them before we were pregnant) or trying to get into the linen closet (he does like to sleep on the towels), now it's banging on shutters all hours during the night. These annoying night time behaviors usually wane over time, but he's been doing this for over a month.
0155 He's still banging on the shutters. Pick him up and take him back to bed.
0313 More batting on the shutters. Pick him up and take him to bed again.
0440 That fucking cat!
0520 My alarm goes off to go to swimming. I didn't fall back asleep after the last time my sleep was disturbed by Tyler. I consider bailing since it's been a shitty night of sleep, but as I'm not working today, I can function on less sleep, so it's not an excuse.
0540 Turn off the alarm (which is unfortunately right outside the door to Kate's room). Wait one minute to make sure she doesn't wake up before sneaking out the door.
0541 Drive to swim. Contemplate that I need to contact the vet about Tyler. Watch the temperature drop from 56 degrees (my garage) to 43 (the parking lot at the pool)
0603 The moment I've been dreading. Taking off my parka and stripping of my clothes. Fuck! It's cold!
0604 Dive into the pool. Surprisingly, the water isn't too bad. Although the pool is covered at night, rain still gathers in the pool creating pockets of cold water. It usually takes a few laps to mix up the water.
0630 It's a butterfly set. I really don't have the energy for this.
0645 Get out of the pool. Practice goes until 7. I usually stay till the end on Tuesday (I leave 15 minutes early on the days I go to work) but Husband has a call at 8 AM and needs to eat and be showered before it starts, so I have to be back in a timely manner. It has nothing to do with the fact that the set is kicking my ass.
0647 Turn on the shower on the pool deck. The water is freezing cold
0650 The water is now tolerable, so I can start washing my hair. I'm feeling a bit guilty as I watch my teammates finish the set. After three rounds of 50 Fly x 4 and 100 Free, I can't believe our coach is having them get out to dive.
0653 Hot water is now coming out of the shower. It feels amazing. The water pressure is awesome. It's the best shower in the whole world. Especially when you're greeted with a beautiful sunrise.      

0702 In my car and getting ready to drive home. I'm not sure how much extra I paid for heated seats, but it was worth every penny. Turn heat on full blast
0720 Arrive home, our attached garage opens into the laundry room. Throw wet clothes and towels into the dryer.
0721 Walk past Kate's room; to my surpise, she's still asleep!
0722 Tip toe into my room and strip out of my swimsuit and put on my robe. I can't resist this opportunity and crawl back into bed. I pick up my iPad to email our vet about Tyler's behaviour. Is it too inappropriate to write 'Help! My cat is an asshole?"
0735 Finish email to vet. Read some late Microblog Monday posts. Check Facebook. Yup, the world is still going to hell in a handbasket
0740 Start to wish that I had made myself a cup of coffee to drink while lounging in bed. Especially as Kate should be up soon.
0742 Kate is awake
0743 Greet Kate and change her diaper. Her PJs smell a bit funky. The fleese ones are so absorbant it's hard to tell when she's wet through. Better add doing laundry to the to-do list for today
0745 Set Kate in her high chair and offer some milk, yoghurt and Cheerios while I cut up some blueberries.
0750 Perpare my weekly breakfast of sausage scramble.
0800 Sit down to eat                        
0820 Finish breakfast. Place remaining scramble into containers for my lunches and Kate's. Clean up breakfast dishes.
0830 Place Kate in the learning tower to work on some meal prep. Making butternut squash in the crock pot. I use pre-cut squash and I cut up carrot and onion last night. I also prepared the dry ingredients. I have to peel and cut apples, this isn't too easy with Kate trying to climb on the counter. I decide to use minced garlic in a jar in lieu of peeling fresh garlic.
0845 Soup is on. Next task is to make some packets for Kate. Steam broccoli, boil zucchini and cut pears. Throw everything into my Ninja chopper. It works much better than the Baby Bullet. Assemble filling station and label packets. Kate enjoys watching me fill the packets. She reaches for the first one I finish.
0930 Packets are done; head to the garage to put them in the chest freezer and to move some older ones into the house freezer. Both Kate and Tyler follow me into the garage. Kate wants to ride in her trike. I push her around a few laps before deciding that I'm getting cold. I use the trike to 'chase' Tyler into the house.
0945 I realise that I forgot to get some chicken and pork to thaw for this week's meals. Head back into the garage to be followed by Kate and Tyler
0950 Round everyone back into the house. I'm getting pressed for time. We have to clean the kitchen before heading to Baby Music.
0951 Give Kate a sippee cup of milk. It keeps her occupied while I clean up from making packets
1000 Change Kate and get her dressed. Put on her shoes and coat. Grab her diaper bag and snack bag, which I packed last night
1010 Realise that I need to get dressed myself. Sweetly ask Husband to put Kate in the car, while I get dressed.
1035 Arrive at Baby Music a little late, but the class hasn't started yet.
1140 Baby Music concludes. While I'm getting Kate's shoes and coat on, the instructor calls me over to her desk. She distributed the companion CD last week as it was the start of a new session and she saved us a copy as we missed the class due to Kate's 18 month check-up. I feel really guilty about the fact that I have never even unwapped any of the companion CDs from these classes; let alone listen to them with Kate. I acknowledge that I really should play them in my car.
1205 Arrive at the gym. Kate has fallen asleep. I decided to wait a little bit more before transfering her to the stroller. Check the news on my iPhone. Cringe at how Trump is destroying the country so quickly
1215 Feel totally depressed. Successfully transfer Kate to the stroller and push her into the gym.
1220 Set up the start my 'Baby Work Out'. Row 5K, 75 Wall Balls 10 Pullups.
1243 Kate wakes up. I've only rowed about 2500 meters
1245 I put her on my lap and row another 500 to finish at 3K
1250 Kate seems intrigued watching the class complete the WOD. I take advantage of this and join in. It's a Tabata (20 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest) doing planks, goblet squats and single leg dead lifts. I use Kate as my Kettle bell.
1305 Kate is actually trying to climb back in her stroller. I offer her a bottle while I complete my wall balls and pull ups. I mention to Kate that Mummy can do pull ups but Daddy can't.
1315 I change Kate in the gym bathroom. There is only a small amount of counter space to use. I unwap a tampon and let her play with it to keep her occupied while I change her. I figure she needs to become familiar with them sooner rather than later.
1320 Load Kate into the car and give her a vegtable packet. Head to Costco
1330 Find a parking space within walking distance of the store! This is the time to go!
1415 I can't find the canned coconut milk. They moved it to be a part of a display for Chinese New Year and I must have walked passed it three times.
1420 Take another spin around the store to hit the best spots of sampling. Kate has had some tomato soup, pork rolls and chicken tortitas.
1435 Secure Kate in her car seat and offer her a recently purchased Aussie Bite. Look at it longingly as I can't eat it due to Whole 30 this month.
1440 Eat my Epic bar and drink some coconut water.
1510 We arrive at the park. I feel a litte skittish as I'm pretty sure this is the site where she contracted Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
1520 Only ten minutes in and she poops. There are no changing facilities at this park. It rained last night, so the ground is still really wet. I would change her in the boot of my car, but it's loaded up with Costco groceries. I'm running out of options, so this is going to cut our park time short.
1530 Kate wants to go on the swings. As I'm pushing her, I glance at my phone to check the time and notice I have a work related text message. Answer the message as it involves scheduling an important meeting. I also received a reply from the vet. Apparently her cat likes to scratch underneath her bedroom door and she tried stuffing a towel underneath the door and squirting the cat with a water pistol. Cats are inherently noctural animals. She lists a website that sells 'quiet toys for nighttime kitties'. I figure I could spend money on such toys and Tyler either wouldn't play with them; or would play with them and then continue to bat the shutters. She says we can try Kitty Prozac. I reply that I want to give it a go.
1545 Oh crap, I forgot we were supposed to leave early as I need to change her.
1600 Arrive at a nearby sporting shop as they have changing facilities and they sell Lara bars in bulk. After changing her diaper, Kate wanders into the swim department. I take note that rash guards are on sale. I've been wondering if one might keep me warmer in the morning. At 40% off, I can find out. I also spot a kids TYR bathing suit is size 2T which is only $13. They have my favourite flavour of Lara bars so I buy three boxes as they don't always have this flavour in stock.
1630 Head home and prepare to face traffic
1705 Arrive home. Kate plays in the garage while I unload the items from Costco
1720 I wash a few dishes that I left in the sink this morning. Kate is in her learning tower watching me/biting my arm. I tell her not to bite. She does it again. I threaten that I will spray her with water if she does it again. She bites me again. I check the temperature of the water and quickly splash her with the sprayer. She has a dazed look on her face. To this day, she has not biten me or anyone else again
1730 Take Kate into her room to change her wet top and diaper again. We play with some puzzles and look at some books
1750 Head back to the kitchen to get dinner ready. Heat up some meatballs for Kate while I work on prepping our dinner. She is getting really cranky. I offer her some Annie's cheddar bunny crackers
1755 Not in the mood for crackers and she throws the container on the floor and really starts crying. I try to engage her in her little play kitchen, but she's not having it
1815 Place Kate in her highchair and offer her some yoghurt snacks while I wait for the meatballs to finish. She goobles them up and calms down
1820 She is devouring her meatballs. I made eight, figuring she's eat four tonight and have four to take to school tomorrow. She's already eaten five and is signing 'more'. Now I know why she was so cranky; she was hungry. Not to self: you can't feed your kid lunch by sampling at Costco
1840 Offer her some watermelon for dessert. The 'use by' date passed a few days ago, but it still looks and tastes okay.
1850 Draw Kate her bath. She received some waterprood books to use in the bath. We go through one with animals and she demonstrates the signs for each animal.
1900 Wrap her up in the Hello Kitty robe, while I drain the tub.
1905 Brush Kate's hair and get her changed into her bed clothes
1910 Husband brings in Kate's milk and says good night to her
1915 Read a few books as Kate drinks her milk. Turn on her sound machine. Turn out her light and allow Kate to turn on her sleep sheep.
1920 Take Kate to the bathroom to brush her teeth
1922 Return to Kate's room to cuddle for a few minutes before putting her to bed. I tell her "night, night" and she echos 'night, night'. My heart swells.
1930 Set Kate down in her crib, pat her back and leave the room
1935 Enter the kitchen. The salmon is baking and Husband is cooking zoodles
1945 Sit down for dinner. Realise I forgot to feed the cats
2010 Husband helps clear the dinner dishes while I start the task of packing lunches of myself and Kate.
2030 Lunches are done; now on to meal prep for tomorrow. I cut up veggies and prepare dry ingredients.
2105 Head to bedroom. Layout swimgear for tomorrow
2115 Climb into bed. Tyler joins me a few minutes later and settles on my lap. I google Whole 30 menu ideas from some of my favourite sites.
2200 Husband has drifted off to sleep. I load up Gilmore Girls from Netflicks. I'm planning to pay for only one more month and I'm trying to watch the whole series again. So far, I'm only on season two and I'm discovering that Rory was a really shitty friend to Lane. The friendship seems really one sided at a times Rory is even snide to her.
2330 Apparently I fell asleep as I was woken up by Tyler banging his paws on the stupid shutters. I take him back to bed with me and he snuggles next to me for about 5 minutes.
0116 I pick him up and give him a quick but firm slap on his hindquarters. He runs underneath my bed
0118 I feel really quilty and want to pick him up to cuddle him, but I know it will defeat the purpose.
0520 Alarm rings to wake me for swimming. Tyler is asleep on the foot of my bed, so apparently I'm forgiven. He didn't bang on the shutters for the rest of the night. This might have worked as well as the Prozac.



  1. Ha! This is hilarious. I'm sorry Tyler wakes you up at night- last night Buster was panting and pacing around which kept my husband up. Can you shut him out of your room or will that make him meow at the door all night?

    Izzy has a Kid Music class at daycare and loves the companion CDs. I tried listening to NPR for as long as possible- now I have to "share" the radio with her and her Frozen soundtrack. Resist as long as you can!

  2. Bowen got bit 3 times on one arm a week or so ago at daycare. Of course as a mom I was not happy my poor baby got bit but I quickly reminded myself I could be the mom getting the call next that he bit someone instead so ya know. If that comes up I will have to try your tactic!!

  3. Ha! Prick cat!!
    There's never a dull 'off' day for mommies!

  4. Wow! I am incredibly impressed with all you accomplished on so little sleep! Also, I always assumed you swam in an indoor pool. That has to be SO COLD swimming outside! I'm sure the pool is heated, but it makes me cold just thinking about how it must feel getting out of that pool this time of year. It's probably really nice during the summer though!

  5. Always love your DITL posts! You are so productive! And did I read that right? It's 40 degrees out and you were swimming outside??