Sunday, 5 February 2017

2017 Goals

Yes, I am stealing a lot of ideas for posts from Non-Sequitur Chica (but you will see one of my goals is to write more posts). I couldn't resist this opportunity as I've heard that if you write your goals down and share them with others, you will be more likely to achieve them.

1. Continue Whole 30 lifestyle. I did two rounds back to back and was very successful (Ugh, that sentance sounds like Donald Trump). I gave up Coke Zero, I stopped adding Spend.a in my coffee or tea. I learned how to make better food choices. I lost weight and felt good about myself. I had the confidence to wear a two piece not only to swim practice where there are really fit twentysomethings; but also to Baby Swim -where there are judgy moms. I managed to hold most Whole 30 principles even while I wasn't constrained by the rules. I had a necessary drink on election night, but brought my own paleo food to Thanksgiving dinner. Then I really got derailed in December. I feel like I'm starting over again; but I'm determined.

2. Improve my score on the Body Fat Test. I have this coming up and I'm clinging to hope that I made some improvement since October, but I'd really love to achieve a personal best by the end of the year and improve from where I was in 2014. Update:  I dropped 3 pounds of fat and added 2 pounds of muscle even after my holiday indulgences; my personal best is insight for my retest in June. 

3. Maintaining friendships. My challenge for this year is that at least once a month I have to reach out to someone and plan an activity. I also need to send more emails to connect with people who are important to me. Liking pictures are dropping the occasional comment is not enough. I also plan to get back into sending birthday cards.

4. Be more politically active. Contact representatives, do some work with local activist groups. Attend the next protest rally. Do more than just posting links on as most of your friends already share your opinions.

5. Read at least one book a month, which must be purchased at a local book store. I think I struck out for January. The only new book I picked up was The Whole 30 Cookbook (which I picked up at Costco). I flipped through it cover to cover, but I didn't make anything.

6. Keep up with blogging. I started this blog over Thanksgiving weekend in 2012 and submitted 34 posts. I wrote 160 in 2013, 91 in 2014, 48 in 2015 and 21 in 2016. This blog means so much to me and I want to continue with it.

7. Spend more 'Face Time' with Husband and make sure we spend less time on devices while we are together. Although as I write this, we're in bed; me typing on the iPad and he's finishing work on his lap top.


1. Hit my metrics for responding to messages, reporting results and closing charts.

2. Submit a proposal for a lecture and next year's conference.

3. Write an article for a peer reviewed journal.

1. Be able to do 5 strict pulls up and 10 kipping pull ups. I'm actually close to this one, but I'll be away from the gym for nearly three weeks while we go to England and then I'll have to start all over again

2. Work up to doing a WOD at the Rx weight. Increase 1 kilogram at a time.

1. Set a PB in any Free or Fly distance (note, picking a new distance to enter for the first time doesn't count)

2. Swim the 100 Fly in Long Course Meters

3. Attend a clinic to work on starts and turns

1. Try running 5Ks with Kate

2. Do some practice runs in my neighborhood

3. Run a half maration (I acknowledge this is the one goal I probably won't reach)

1. Accomplish potty training by the end of the year

2. Work on language acquisition with her, continuing signing and introducing Spanish

3. Send my in-laws photos and updates on a regular basis. I was sending her monthly photos to them, but as I'm not doing monthly photos any more, their updates have dropped off.

4. Host a successful birthday party for Kate


  1. Those are great goals! I like the ones about reading books and seeing friends once a month: that's something I should do. Hmmm, would it count if I re-read a book because I've forgotten a lot of it?

  2. I admire your goal setting. I'm so out of touch with setting goals for myself lately. I need to do better...

  3. Great list! I've been eating much healthier since January and feel a lot better though it's a challenge. No gluten, low dairy, low sugar. Trying to connect with friends and plan something is a good idea. So much time can pass between seeing people if you don't actively plan things I find.

  4. I love these goals! I tend to break them so I did a similar post on "things I'm looking forward to" to hopefully I can accomplish those this year!