Saturday 20 October 2018

Right Now October 2018

Reading: Blogs, which is where I got the idea to do a ‘Right Now’ post.

Watching: I just finished the fourth season of The Affair, and it may have been the best. I appreciate the way the show has been able to re-invent itself each season and keep the storylines compelling. I think the only network show I’ve been watching is This is Us. While I appreciate that they are doing an infertility story line, I wish they stuck to the fact that Kate is a high risk pregnancy due to her weight. I once had to care for a nearly 400 pound woman who conceived with IVF, ruptured her membranes at 30 weeks and was put on bed rest, where she developed a blot clot in her lower leg. Fortunately, she and the baby made it after a very careful C/section and long NBICU stay, but we really thought we were going to lose them both.

Listening: to Kate whine about the fact that I won’t give her a cup of water to take to bed

Eating: About 1700 calories, 185 g of Carbs 65 g of Fat and 135g of protein on a work out day.  I just did my body fat test a few weeks ago. I knew my weight was down a bit and I was hoping my extra time in the gym had translated into an increase in muscle. Well I lost 3 pounds, 1.5 of fat and 1.5 of muscle. The guy administering the test thinks I’m not eating enough, which is really not what I was expecting to hear, as I know there are some days when I am less than honest about what I record on MyFitnessPal. Like when I yield to my weakness of pumpkin spice cream-filled cookies and polish off nearly a whole box. Sigh. It’s about eating the right foods and I’m still trying to figure out what they are.

Drinking: I just chugged a shot of Kate’s Zyrtec. No kidding. Long story short. We have fleas. Well, our cats have fleas and once they are treated, they feast on me. No one else in the house. I’m glad they are not bothering Kate, but I think Husband could take a few bites for the team. My ankles are completely scratched up and now I have bites all over my torso. I didn’t have any adult strength anti-histamines, so I took an adult dose of Kate’s meds.

Update: I accidentally took a 15 mg dose in the morning and it nearly knocked me out. Beware! 

Wearing: My favorite gym shorts and my newest long sleeve T-shirt from our recent swim meet which MY TEAM WON!

Loving: See above. The Pumpkin Spice Cream Filled Cookies

Anticipating: Halloween! Kate is really getting into it this year, as she keeps asking “Is Halloween tomorrow?” Her school is having a costume parade and of course it’s a wholesome Halloween parade, so no masks, scary costumes or war toys. A few weeks ago, Kate wanted to make a Nella the Princess Knight costume out of her and my clothes, which didn’t really work out too well. So, I brought a Nella costume, breaking my vow not to buy costumes, as we tried the home made route and failed, and it seems that she would wear it after Halloween. Anyway, I figured a Princess Knight costume (Even though she doesn’t have a toy shield and sword) would be frown upon by the Wholesome Halloween Police, so at their suggestion of selecting a character from a book, I’m reusing her Olivia costume from last year’s Birthday party/Halloween for the parade and she can wear Nella in the evening.

Hoping: The flea treatments work. We had our carpets professionally treated and now we have to vacuum all the rugs three times a day for the next two weeks. We’ve everything out our closets, which is now being stored in the garage and I have most of Kate’s stuff in our dining room so we can keep the floors as clear as possible. I’m also hoping we can have a good cull and get rid of stuff that we haven’t used in years.

Following: The midterm elections, although I’m not feeling optimistic. I feel that between the Russian interference, gerrymandering, and blatant voter suppression, we’re fucked.

Wondering: If Kate is ever going to be night time potty trained. I know she won’t be the six year old still in pull-ups as she refuses to wear them, but I think I might be the mom of a six year old who is still washing three sets of sheets every day…

Trying: To figure out what to feed our family. I’ve tried two meal service companies that both deliver to our gym, but Husband isn’t too keen on either of them. Actually he dismissed one just by looking at it without even trying it. I feel as if I am so done trying to make an effort for him when there is so little appreciation.  I’m ready to declare every night is a FUFFY. (Fuck yoU Fend For Yourself)

Worrying: It’s been a stressful week at work. Hence, stress eating a box of cooking. Everyone is under pressure to meet productivity standards and with my administrative position, I’ve become Public Enemy Number One. I’ve felt as if I were walking on eggshells all week, just trying to keep to myself at my desk, but I have to lead our department meeting on Monday with a team that is pissed off at me right now. Awkward.

Planning: How to spend the remaining days/weeks of the year. This morning I worked out how much I have left before I reach the max on my dental plan and how much my insurance will cover for a new crown and to replace some fillings. I have two visits booked. I’m also trying to work out when to do my brute squad swim (200 Fly, 400 IM and 1650 Free) during the month of November. I want to try to set up a play date while Kate and I are off for Veterans Day. I need to figure out what to make to take to take to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I also need to do a Costco run, especially so I can purchase items for the local food banks, but want to make sure I get in before it gets too close to the holiday madness. Don’t you wish your life were as exciting as mine!

Contemplating: Well, I was briefly considering changing jobs earlier this week, but I wasn’t serious about it. Four years ago, when we were really overworked and I was on the verge of being burnt out, I didn’t make a move to switch because I knew going somewhere else would have a nice honeymoon period for maybe a few months to a year, then it would be same shit different venue. The other reason why I didn’t leave is that I have an easy commute in an area with shitty traffic. Now I’m also locked into this location due to it’s proximity to Kate’s Pre-school. Co-worker and others who work close with me have assured me that all this will blow over in time. I just hope it get there soon.


  1. I'm sorry things have been stressful at work. That does not sound fun at all! I don't think they are done on This is Us in regards to Kate's weight making pregnancy high risk, but we will see. Also sorry about the fleas and that you personally have been under attack! Hope that is resolved soon, although I don't know how you fit in vacuuming 3 times a day! I love your term FUFFY! hahaha!!! I declare FUFFY about once every 2 weeks, but just for a night or two. lol

  2. use Fitness Pal and track your sugar grams. Aim to be under 20 grams or so. Kills the cookies and yes, zucchini has sugar grams but it really really makes a difference!!!