Friday 10 July 2020

2020 Goals Update

It’s so hard to believe that we’re already half way through this craptastic year so far. Individual days can feel so long, and yet weeks and months are flying by. Obviously the coronavirus shifted everyone’s plans and priorities, but I thought it was worthwhile to take a look at what my goals for 2020 were.

Weight Management

Targets for 2020
Keeping weight around 155
PB on Body Fat Test 

Of course, I had to lead with this one. This was probably the first to go out the window. When we first thought shelter in place may last a few weeks, maybe a month at the most, I started snacking and caring less about what I ate. Then once I realized that it was going to be going on much longer, I knew I couldn’t sustain my current habits. While Kate was out of school, we did a lot of baking as it was a good activity and a good way to introduce math and fractions, so there are a lot less temptations now that we’re back in school and work. Although right now we’re working our way through a dozen cupcakes as we nixed plans for a social distant birthday party as cases have been on the rise. After successfully giving up Coke Zero four years ago during a Whole 30, I started buying it again. Especially since Husband is not drinking while on his anticoagulation, I figured we needed at least one vice. Hey, at least it’s not real coke. The last time I weighted myself I was 156 and I don’t think the Body Fat Testing Truck is in operation right now. I could look it up. Or I could just see that my last weight was near my target, call it a win and move on. 


So our gym closed in mid March and we all started doing home WODs via Zoom with limited equipment. I’m sure my pushups are the best they’ve ever been, but I don’t know if I still have a strict pull-up. I know I’ve lost strength. I saw I had a 45 kg snatch as my target for 2020 and I did hit that about a month before SIP. Score another win. I actually did more classes before I went back to work full time, but it really wasn’t the same as going to the gym. I struggled to get in a workout when I went back, especially as we were adjusting to a new schedule. I would wake up at 5 am and would go into the garage, but would end up lying on the ground snuggling with Tyler, who has been spending a lot of refuge in the garage. I was awake at this ungodly hour -didn’t that count for something? Our gym is now holding in person classes and I’ve been attending at 5:30 AM. On our first day back, we finished a little early, so a few guys did an extra round and I joined them. It made me realise how much I missed. 

I haven’t been in a pool in nearly 4 months. Currently, I’m writing from Kate’s swim lesson and I’m so jealous of her. I did manage to hit a PR in my 50 Free in February, so I’ll notch another victory. 

3. Setting out birthday cards
At press time, I still need to send cards for July, but sending them in a batch at the beginning of the month has been a successful strategy 

4. Sending photos to my in-laws
Total fail and don’t really care. 

5. Run some 5K races with Kate
I had tried to do some training runs with Kate, but we did about a quarter mile and then she got tired. I let her rest a bit and then she saw an ice cream truck. I realized the other challenge with her running training is that I was trying to do it during what was her nap time. Not a good idea. I noticed that I had running a sub 10 minute mile as one of my targets and I recently did one in 9:10. Score another win. 

6. Parenting

Targets for 2020: 
Getting Kate to sleep on her own. And earlier. Yes on earlier, still not on her own. 
Limiting her TV time. This was obviously thrown out the window during SIP, but we’re back to being restrictive. 
Getting her accepting into Kindergarten and getting her ready for school: She was accepted into a Catholic school that runs from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. At the time of her interview in February, she was deemed to be ready for Kindergarten and I hope she still is. I think she may be the first kid to fail homeschooling in her own house. It was a battle to get her to do any work in a workbook or participate in any Zoom classes. Even now that she’s back in school, she resists if I try to engage her in the slightest bit of learning. “UGGGHHH NO LEARNING” Yup. That’s her attitude now. Prior to Shelter in Place, this was the girl who decided to write a letter to Eliza Hamilton (we received a response!). 

7. Maintaining friendships
This obviously has been harder with lack of any social events, so I have been trying to text more often. 

8. Miscellaneous 
Well I was planning to have professional photos done during our Hawaii trip, but we all know that’s not going to happen. At least I won’t have the task of framing hanging over my head. 

Last year I splurged on a beauty treatment and then needed to replace my transmission, so I ran into a bit of credit card debt. I got out of it quickly, but one of my goals for this year was to rein in my spending. My challenge was only to buy things if I absolutely needed them. If I found I need, I had to exhaust all resources, including what I have on had, what I could get used, what I could borrow etc. I was too often guilty of buying more clothes just because I had Gap Cash or the store was promoting a big sale. I actually had been doing well prior to SIP, but it became even easier once stores closed down. I ended up needing to do some online shopping to get some clothes for Kate and added a few dresses for me. I indulged a bit on workout clothes, which were unnecessary in the sense that I have a lot, but needed as they helped provide motivation when I didn’t feel like working out. 

I had listed as targets to update our front yard, finish the back year and maybe tackle the mess on our hill! Done, done and on track to be finished. 

Moving forward… ?

I kind of feel that I merely existing from from one day to the next. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day (quoting MacBeth via Hamilton). At least I’m actually driving to the gym to work out, then to work, home, Safeway and Farmer’s Market on the weekends. Okay that’s not that different from my old routine, but at least I had options to do other things. I’m just hoping to get through this month and hopefully we’ll know what is going to happen with Kate’s school. If we’re homeschooling again, I’ll likely run out my PTO, then look into working part time to help Kate manage her schoolwork. I’m sure that will bring a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. 


  1. Hey for SIP, I still think you've been killing it. The school thing is so unknown. I find that if I think too much about it, I start getting really stressed out. It sucks.

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