Sunday, 6 October 2013

Observations from my Summer Vacation (Part One)

Going on holiday is hard work and almost makes you wonder if it is worth the hassle. I was working 11 hour days trying to get caught up with current tasks while arranging for coverage while I was away.  I am dreading the mountain of work that will be waiting for me, and I considered logging on with remote access, but once you break that vacation barrier, there's no turning back...

I am too old to be taking a vacation with my parents. I used the restroom a final time before we boarded the plane. When I returned (in front of everyone) my mother asked if I washed my hands. As the Dyson air-blade hand dryer didn't completely dry my hands, I wiped the remaining moisture on her back to prove that I did. Treat me like a child, and you reduce me to act like one...

If we had known that my in-laws were really going to come along on this trip, I think we would have opted to go to Maui rather than Kauai. As adventure based activities are so prevalent on this island, it's hard to accommodate two people who struggle just to get in and out of the hired Dodge Caravan.

My cousin's soon to be ex-husband accompanied her for this trip. They had booked their flights and he arranged his time off before they agreed to proceed with their divorce. As we've come to get to know him over the past few years, we've regarding him as family, and it felt awkward to wonder if this was our last time seeing him.

To my surprise, my father became my swim buddy as we swam at three different beaches. Some of my favourite memories include snorkeling with him at Tunnels Beach and watching him and my mother frolic in the waves at Wai'oli Beach Park

As Myrtle's father raises chickens... he would really love this island!

The difference in time zones worked in my favour. I sneaked out of the condo just after 6 AM and sat here to review my protocol with Misery and to order my meds from Freedom Fertility. Will start with OCPs, then Medrol, Gonadal-F, Menopur (yay Nun pee!) Ganarelix, Novarel or Pregnyl, P-in-oil, Vaginal P4 suppositories and some Estrace for good measure...

We did manage to have coitus. Once.

My 31 year old male cousin is dating a girl who was born in 1991. Let that sink in for a moment. I qualified for the state championship gymnastics meet that year, and out of nostalgia, I kept the shirt from that meet. Yes, I have a shirt that is older than her.

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  1. Holy crap I need to go to Hawaii...M had been once and keeps talking about it. But it's so FAR and so EXPENSIVE...but so beautiful! LOLing at your shirt older than your cousin. At one point my brother was dating a girl almost 10 years his junior. M called it "living the dream". Men.

  2. Pretty pictures! Pretty cocktail! Pretty big order or drugs! Fingers crossed that IVF is the ticket for you guys!

  3. Again, I am very envious! My hubby promised me that we'd go on our "real honeymoon" (A.K.A. Hawaii) very "soon". That promise was made 18 months ago. Every time I see someone's photos of their Hawaiian trip, I drool all over the screen. Unfortunately, he just took a new job. I can continue to dream.... The photos look amazing! And.. what have your inlaws been doing then?? And oh you need both P-in-oil AND p4 suppositories?

  4. Such amazing pictures! Just gorgeous. I hope IVF is your ticket.

  5. Wow, your mom really asked you if you washed your hands? Doesn't she know you work in the health industry? Lol. Too funny. So what did your in-laws do the whole week? I also had the same question about the progesterone. You have to do PIO AND suppositories? I always thought it was one or the other.

  6. Kauai is amazing, but definitely less resort-y than Maui. I loved it there (except for the giant cockroach in my hotel room).
    It's probably too late if you ordered your meds already, but I have an extra ganirelex if you want it. I keep meaning to post it on my blog because I would hate for it to go to waste. Let me know if you are interested.