Sunday, 6 October 2013

Observations from my Summer Vacation (Part Two)

Husband and I observed our anniversary during the trip, but we were quiet about it with respect to the fact that my cousin is in the process of a divorce. I wonder it if would have been hard for her if IUI#4 were successful and we were announcing a pregnancy. Then again, maybe neither event would have bothered her much.

Swimming ~20 metres of butterfly in the ocean is pure bliss.

My father picked up this Hello Kitty doll at the Foodland supermarket (I loved HK as a little girl and currently I have her on my iPhone cover). We took turns posing her in various situations around the condo; tucked into bed...sitting by the coffee maker, holding a toothbrush next to the bathroom sink... I enjoy the fact that we can still engage in silly antics.     

My mother sometimes still speaks to me in a patronizing, condescending tone with a know-it-all attitude. As she walked away in a huff after I didn't follow her recommendation for cutting an avocado... I can only imagine the power struggles that will ensue if I do have a child...
On the last full day of our holiday, I discovered that I forgot to take any of the prenatal vitamins I had stashed in my suitcase. I scarfed them down over the next two days.

Sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed for a week is the best way to appreciate going back home.

Other Notable Observations:
The strong bond between Husband and my father
The love between my mother and her sister. 
Although they're both in their sixties, my aunt looks still up to her older sister and my mother adores her baby sister
Catching my Father-in-Law laugh or seeing my Mother-in-Law smile
Although they are divorcing, it is apparent that  my cousin and her soon to be ex-husband still care for each other
My mother still looks really good at the age of 64, which make me hopeful! 
Discovering that my hard-nosed retired Police Sargent uncle has several pictures of his cats on his iPhone.
My younger cousin seems happy with his much younger girlfriend 
Husband and I acknowledging that if we can survive seven years of marriage, two years of infertility and a holiday with both our families, we are ready to face IVF and what ever it may bring...


  1. Those pictures are stunning! It makes me miss Kauai. Haha, that is so cute about the Hello Kitty doll :) She's your version of the roaming gnome. Your family sounds very close and fun to be around (although every family has the usual tensions of course). I found that so funny about your uncle's pictures of the cats! Glad you had a great vacation, and wishing you lots of luck in the months ahead.

  2. Happy belated anniversary! I think we need to see more of the Hello Kitty pics.

  3. Your mother sounds very similar to mine. Once in my tempestuous twenties, on the tail end of a fight over her 'advice' (i.e. judgement over something I had done), I let slip: 'If I ever have kids, I can't be around you'. She didn't let it go for months, and still occasionally brings it up...Fast forward a decade, our struggles with infertility beside her own history of super-fertility coupled with her parenting 'expertise' (i.e. total lack of understanding about the real challenges we face) make for some interesting times. Ah, mother/daughter relationships!

    I love Hello Kitty too! And yes to more HK pics! All your pics of Hawaii are gorgeous though. Looks like a lovely trip.

  4. You are ready to face IVF! It's a lot- physically, financially, and emotionally. But you know what to expect and he will be there to support you! Starting with a strong bond and being in the "same place" is super important

  5. Great observations. :) Happy anniversary!

  6. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! We were thinking of a trip to Hawaii this fall, but obviously now it is out of the question.
    I'm so glad your observations were largely positive. And don't worry about those vitamins (it actually seems like a good get-away sign that you forgot about them ;)

  7. Sigh... love all these pics of Kauai! We spent a week there (right before getting engaged, on the Big Island) and it was magical... did you go to Hanalei? Also I am totally with you on the holidaying-with-parents thing -- I did a trip to Italy with the folks a while ago, and that was officially my last time ever travelling with them. I actually get along with them really well, but a vacation (and all the stress and planning it requires) just strains the relationship and brings out old habits/behaviour. Blech. Anyway, at least you got a good dose of nature and can head into IVF with a perhaps slightly clearer head. I'm excited for this stage!! It's when shit gets real, in the best of ways...

  8. The pictures are gorgeous. Love that your dad bought you a Hello Kitty doll. It sounds like you have a really good relationship with your dad. And a normal, sometimes annoying relationship with your mom! I enjoyed your list of observations from the trip. Now, on to IVF! Good luck!