Friday, 22 February 2013

Gestational Wheel of Fortune

It's the TTC Game Show, Gestational Wheel of Fortune! I'm your host RE. Let's meet our contestants! Today we have Irregular Cycles and Moderate Male Factor! Irregular Cycles, your won the coin toss, you can spin first.

Well, we've just started trying to conceive a few months ago, so let's start with these letters, F,S,H, E, P and A,M,H.

Okay, I think we have a few of them in there. Spin again.

Oh, we landed on Clomid. Is there a T or I? ...I'd like to solve the puzzle. Is it BIG FAT NEGATIVE?

Yes it is! Well done, Irregular Cycles. We'll move on to the next round.

Okay, this time we'll try S,A and H,S,G. Also, how about I,V,F, and C? ...I think we're ready to solve. Is it WILL NEED IVF WITH ICSI?

Right again! Spin again to start the third round.

OMG! We landed on Positive Pregnancy Test! RE, can we go ahead and solve? Is it LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER?

No, I'm sorry. MISCARRIAGE is the answer to our puzzle. Go ahead and spin again.

Sounds good, I'm ready to get started again. Let's see, we landed on Uterine Septum.

Oh, no! That means you lose a turn. Moderate Male Factor, you can spin.

We need some vowels. Can we buy an IUI?

Yes, but be careful not to hit bankrupt each time you spin...

This summarises our story so far... Thanks to Aramis at It Only Takes One for her inspiration to this post.


  1. Hi from ICLW. This post is funny and touching and heartbreaking in equal parts. I'm sorry you're on this ridiculous gameshow...sorry for all of us. Hoping brighter things for your future, and will be following your journey from here on!

  2. Sometimes infertility really does feel like a wheel of (mis)fortune!!

  3. I agree with Gypsy Mama! But hopefully that (mis)fortune hits the jackpot next time around!

  4. love you post, hate that you have been through all of this :-(

  5. This is the worst game show ever. I hope that you land on something good next time you spin the wheel.

  6. Is it horrible that I laughed my ass off at the miscarriage line? Too funny... I can just picture Bob Barker saying that in his trademark "come on DOWN!" voice...

  7. Awesome! Just the effect I was going for!

  8. LOL I love this so much I want to hug it. :)

  9. What a witty post but I'm sorry that is your story so far. Saying hi from ICLW. I hope you get to add more letters that spell out good news soon!

  10. That was hilarious....except for the suffering behind it. I'm hoping for the letters B,F,P with a baby at the end. Happy ICLW!

  11. Hello from ICLW! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loved your post, but sorry you had to go through so much. People tell me it's all worth it in the end..... assuming we have a happy ending. Hope you have your own very happy ending!