Sunday, 24 February 2013

Temping fate or Jinxed?

I decided to look back at the various things I've done to tempt fate since trying to conceive, or may have possibly jinxed myself...
  • Selected our names (Jack William or Kate Victoria)
  • Procured anti-stretch mark cream only available in Europe (it may expire before I need it)
  • Started a little 'hope chest' with some cute onesies and stuffed animals
  • Purchased 'Value-sized' box of tampons from Costco 
  • Picked up some large sized T-shirts to use a maternity wear (now stashed in the back of my closet with the hope chest)
  • Ordered several new competition swimsuits (which are now stretched and faded)
  • Registered for a half marathon (set personal best and did two more)
  • Decided to renovate our kitchen 
  • Booked wine tasting tour
  • Scheduled a trip to Hawaii in September 2013
  • Started an infertility blog (two days before the BFP)
  • When my hairdresser asked "Do you have any kids?" I told her about my BFP earlier that morning
  • Planned how we would announce to our parents 
  • Decreased the allowance of my Flexible Spending Account for 2013, thinking we wouldn't need infertility treatment. Miscarried one week after open enrollemnt closed. 
  • Bought a copy of The Monster at the End of the Book, while Christmas shopping. It was one of my childhood favourties. I gave it to my nephew when I miscarried.
  • Signed up for 18 mile run in May 


  1. I know you know this, but none of those things have had anything to do with how your story has played out! I personally haven't bought a single baby-related item simply because when I'm in my more emotional states I'm afraid it would be a nasty trigger to have around. Then again, maybe it would help me with the positive thinking. You just have to keep living your life!

  2. I am sooo superstitious, and I worry that I've done (a lot) of things to jinx myself too! I'm glad I'm not the only one...

  3. Hello from ICLW!
    If I had a dollar for every time I postponed doing something because I thought I might be pregnant, would be in the middle of a treatment, or because it might hinder my chances of getting pregnant, I would be a rich woman. Or at least I wouldn't be in debt from our fertility treatments :)

  4. This is one of the hardest things about all of this! Before our first IVF cycle started I bought a whole bunch of maternity clothes....well not a whole bunch but a few. After the chemical happened those close were giving me evil looks from the closet. It is such a hard thing to balance.

  5. During my first IVF I downloaded a pregnancy app. Right before my 2nd IVF I bought 2 pictures at a flea market that I thought would be really cute in a nursery. I knew I was probably jinxing myself by buying them but I didn't know how I would ever find them again since it was a flea market. After that failed I stopped getting anything baby related.

  6. It's hard not to make connections btw everything, but as Aramis stated above, just because you do these things doesn't effect your outcome in any way. You gotta keep on living!! And dreaming!! I'm pretty sure we've all picked out baby names a time or two. I like your names by the way :)

  7. On the one hand, I want to be hopeful and positive enough to think I might have use for stuff like maternity or baby clothes (and sometimes regret that I've never indulged that side of things), but the fact is I mostly just deny the possibility of them ever being useful, as a kind of preemptive protection. I love the idea of the hope chest.

  8. Amazing how we all have very similar feelings. I have been thinking the same thing about a trip to Alaska! My Aunt and Uncle have asked us to go and my Aunt is a wino and the trip wouldn't be the same if I couldn't drink the entire time. Do I go now and have the possibility of not drinking or do I wait a year and who knows if I even go then. Even then if I were to have a newborn I wouldn't want to go to Alaska! So I suppose you just go now and roll the dice! Maybe it can happen there?