Monday, 4 February 2013

May you get what you want...

I have a vague recall of an episode of The Brady Bunch where Carol tells one of the kids about a Chinese curse that reads "May you get what you want". I can't remember what the context was, and I haven't searched the internets to see if there really is such a Chinese saying, or if it was just created by the writers. The phrase has been on mind as I contemplate how at one point I didn't want children at all, and more recently, I didn't want to have a baby who would be born in the year 2013. Well, with the delay created by my hysteroscopic resection, It seems that I'll get one of my wants: I won't have a baby born in 2013 (provisionally accepting that if I do get pregnant and won't have a preterm delivery).

So funny, that I thought it was the number 13 that would bring bad luck. Not having a wonderful husband who happens to have male factor infertility, or being one of the 3% of women with reproductive problems who have a uterine septum. 2014 seems to have multiple features in its favour, the Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Commonweath Games, mid-term elections, including the Gubernatorial race in California. I acknowledge that having a baby in 2014 will be tough on Husband, as he turns 40 that year and wished to become a father at a younger age than his own father. I'm so sorry dear, I never imagined this process would take so long and be so hard.

The other wish that seems to be granted is that I'll be able to complete in our upcoming swimming championships. It's a large three day short course event, and our team does well, despite our small size. On the day of my BFP, I spun the gestational wheel to see how far along I would be for the meet. Twenty plus weeks. I may have been able to participate, but would have needed to adjust my times to be seeded in the geriatric heats with women in their 70s and 80s (who are rock stars at these meets, by the way). Now the meet is six weeks away and I can train as hard as I want with the intention of competeting as hard as I want. Is getting what you want truly a bad thing?


  1. I've done the Hood to Coast relay 8 times and our team got in again for this year. I was hoping not to be able to run it this year. The race is in August, which was also my due date. Looks like I need to start running again! Good luck in your swimming competition!

  2. I ran in a 5k/obstacle course (while also being chased by zombies) in October. When I bought the tickets I was fully hoping to be pregnant and not able to participate. So it was bittersweet to end up at the race. It was very fun, but I wasn't supposed to be there. We have to keep living our lives, I guess. I always think it's best to do things we couldn't do while pregnant to somehow appreciate not being pregnant.

  3. I remember we deliberately delayed starting TTC so that if it worked right away, I wouldn't be too pregnant to go to a friend's wedding in Jamaica. It almost seems funny now. Be careful what you wish for! Glad you'll be able to kick the 70 and 80 year old ladies' butts, though.

  4. So funny that you're all about 2014... although I would have LOVED to get knocked up in 2012 and be part of the Dragon Baby wave, I actually am really into the idea of having it happen in 2013 because 13 is a lucky number for my hubby (his birthday is the 13th) and me (our wedding was on Friday the 13th - only date available at our chosen venue, of course... thank god so many other people are superstitious!). There is something to be said for letting fate take its course -- just a little bit -- and letting yourself reap the awards of physical activity and swim meets before buckling down on your ovaries. :)