Wednesday 12 December 2012

Scheduling Conflicts

Initially, Husband and I decided to wait until the new year to start IUI. Not only would it avoid a potential due date close to the Hawaii holiday and a potenital visit with my in-laws, but we were still paying bills from our kitchen renovation and our flexible spending accounts would be available in 2013. However, after the failure to launch episode and not wanting to endure another month of baby dance stress, we were keen to move forward with IUI.

I looked at the calander to see when AF would start. One great advantage of TTC and using a Clearblue fertility monitor is that I've been able to predict when my period will start almost to the hour. Her arrival was expected on November 23 or 24th, which was the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. I sent a message to the office, explaining the situation that we would like to start IUI if the office is open that weekend. The front desk receptionist responded that she would send my chart to the Nurse and to the woman who does insurance authorisations. Well, she didn't answer my question about if they were open of the weekend, but I thought they must be if she was sending work to her colleagues. I received a call from the authorisation representative, and I asked about the office's hours over the holiday weekend, explaining that I wanted to save her time and trouble if the office were closed. "Oh, I don't know if the office is open over the holiday weekend" she replied. Seriously, you work in this office and don't know if you have a long holiday weekend coming up? I can't believe no one in this office seems to be able to read and comprehend a message. It's starting to make me worry if they'll manage to get the right stuff in my hoo-ha.

I later spoke with the Nurse, who seems to be the most competent one. She informs me that yes, the office is closed over the long holiday weekend, and the RE likes to scan on day 2, but could do day 3. So if AF starts on Friday, this cycle is out, but if she arrives on Saturday, we may have a chance. As if we don't have enough challenges from our flawed gametes, logistics aren't working in our favour either. Then I got an idea. During my first clomid cycle, I started supplemental progesterone after my LH surge and it delayed AF by one day. I'm starting to feel satisfied that maybe I can outsmart Mother Nature.

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  1. I hate when holidays mess with our fertility treatments! Esh! Sending vibes that AF is late by one day!!